Boys Weekend

Fall 2000

October 09-11, 2000


By Bob Gifford

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Our 9th event was held at Green River Reservoir in Morrisville VT. We used site 30 at the new state park which is on an island in the middle of the reservoir. Things got rolling on Friday the Thirteenth when Joe Ketcham and Bob Gifford met Shane Bowley and Jim Paulsen in Underhill VT. at around 12:00pm. We formed a convoy and headed east. Our first stop was at the Grand Union in Johnson Vt. for provisions. Shane recognized the cashier as an Essex boy, Tim Yandow (lived on West street, Dad was a Barber.) We then proceeded to Morrisville where Bob and Joe stopped at the Wok and Roll for a quick lunch. I think we both ate half and chucked the rest. Shane and Jim where the first on the camp site followed by Bob and Joe at around 2:00pm. We found the place in order with a number of tent sites and a fair amount of fire wood.

Later in the afternoon Tim ORourke, Rick Burrows, Mal Rich, Jon Nealy, Steve Morris and Gary Zimmer showed up. A little while later Willie Glen, Chick Halpen, Roy Bishop, Stan Macaslin and Doug Riley showed up for a total of 14 for the first night. Mal gets the prize for coming from the farthest since he drove 5 hours from his home in Torrington Conn. Jon gets the prize for the most heavily armed water craft. His shot gun equiped dingy patrolled the waters of the Green River Reservior and kept us safe. Our traditional Jam session was .... well traditional. Tim as always provided the energy. He was backed up by Jim, Doug and Shane. Roy and Stan played Harp and everyone else I think, touched an instrument at one time or another. Willie surprised everyone with some guitar picking and some bongo base lines. Mal, Bob and Chick stayed up til 2:30 am just to make sure enough beer was consumed. Shane was actually seen drinking budweisers with out being at gun point. We had some light mist that really never dampened the spirits.Dinner once again was a meat fest with more then enough food to go around. First timers Steve Morris and Rick Burrows appeared right at home. Credit goes to Gary and Tim for dragging in some new recruits.

Saturday dawned clear in the sky but not necessarily clear headed. Both Bob and Shane wished maybe that they should have had more water the night before. Once feed, several groups set out on separate adventures. Jon and Tim rowed up North in the Dingy gun boat on a fishing expedition.. Gary and Steve paddled to the North end in a canoe. Stan went mountain biking. Willie, Bob, Shane and Jim went running. Willie was impressive in his 505 levis running pants. All the groups returned around dinner time. Rick Burrows left in the morning and then Doug Riley left in the afternoon. Roger Prescott arrived in the late afternoon. We had 13 Boys for the Saturday night. Dinner was again a mass food fest. Tim made some pork chops with onions and peppers. Shane made a greek salad with feta cheese. Bob had T bone steaks. The evening music was again typical. Tim's spirited Boy's Weekend theme song was the highlight. Most turned in around midnight Mal attempted a complicated dry launch of his canoe. He I believe tried to leap into the canoe and cause it to slide into the water in one quick manuver. He miscalculated the angles and force vectors slightly and ended up in the lake. Undaunted he emptied the canoe and paddled off in search of fish. Mal this year proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the toughest one of our group. He was the last one standing both nights and should get a prize for stamina. Willie built a sweat lodge which he and Roger used at some point. No pictures have surfaced to date.

Sunday dawned cool and gray. Rain appeared to be in the future. Most folks awoke and packed up pretty quickly. Half the group was gone buy 9:30am. Several Boys had no transportation off the island so the exit from the site was more or less all at once. I believe Mal again was reluctantly the last camper to push off from the site. Green River is a very quiet place with no Master Crafters. The crapper is the highest point of site 30. Green river is 42 miles from the Richmond park and ride, not too far but about twice the trip to Waterbury. Mal was sad because we are all such light weights.

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