Boys Weekend

Fall 2001

October 10-12, 2001


By Bob Gifford

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Well our 10th year event went off without a hitch on Green River Reservoir. We had incredible weather for this time of year (Especially in light of the recent 6" snowfall which blanketed the region just 5 days earlier.) The lead party (Joe and I ) arrived at around 12:00pm to find Ranger Heather in position to intercept us. She was all business and no amount of wriggling would persuade her to lighten up. We had to fork over $155 bucks to secure site 21 (group) for two nights. This was unexpected as Boysweekend is normally free. We felt that the membership would rise to the occasion and wanted to remove the ranger from the equation.

Anyway we set out in the big red newly electrified canoe towing a little green canoe (barge.) Joe and I brought enough stuff to outfit a small Army so the extra boat was actually needed to ferry everything in just one trip. The new Min Kota power plant (30lb thrust) moved the two boats across the choppy water with ease. We found site 21 to be in good order complete with a nice pile of wood and a supreme latrine. No sooner had we looked up from our set up tasks and two boats appeared on the horizon. One was under sail. Stan and Roy paddled in and Carl Sword sailed up to our waiting tow. Jim Paulsen showed a short while later followed by Jon and David. Mal and his friend Doug pulled in a bit later bringing the total to 13. This included 3 newbies. Carl, Doug and Dave Prior had not attended one of these before. Tim ( Jam Master ) O'Rourke pulled in just before dark and Willie also showed up after first touring the entire reservoir in the dark attempting to locate the party. He eventually zeroed in on the music coming from our campsite. Friday afternoon was spent with typical explorations, a little bird hunting (Jon and David) and some mountain biking (Stan). Friday night brought huge food as usual and an extended jam session powered by Jim Paulsen's Boom box powered keyboards and Tim O'Rourke's original material.

Saturday was typical in that folks went their own way. Willie, Shane and Bob went climbing. Carl went sailing in his sailing canoe. Stan went on an extended bike skinny-dipping trip only to be checked out by some passing boaters. Jon and David stalked the woodland chicken (partridge) bagging two. Others hiked around, played horseshoes, read or just sat in the sun and took in the fantastic end of fall colors. Saturday evening saw Carl and Jim paddle off homeward. We again feasted on steak, chicken, partridge, potatoes, onions, goat and cheddar cheese, kielbasa, beer and a pile of other stuff. Evening music drew in others from adjacent sites like flies to a lamp. Mike Jennifer and Dan showed up because they thought they heard a loud radio. They figured they would join the party and were welcomed. The evening Jam included classics like America the beautiful, Star Spanggeled Banner, Naked and Famous and the infamous Oh Susanna. Willie amazed us with his finger picking. He gets the award for the most improved guitar player, an obvious talent (James Taylor look out.)

Sunday morning brought the tear down of camp and the departure one by one of the group. Willie left at dawn. Tim was next to leave, then Jon and David left around 9. Later, Stan and Roy raced Bob and Joe in the electric launch towing the barge and won, but only by a few seconds. Mal and Doug got left behind but made the put-in before the rest of the rear party had finished unloading. We were all out of there by 11:30. This year brought us incredible warm and pleasant weather, three new attendees, fresh wild game for dinner, and a new site.

High points:

Low points:

Notable firsts this year: We never did kill the battery on the electric canoe despite many hours of cruising. Yeah....I know it was cheating, but some how I don't care. Sitting back in the sun and gliding along with nothing to do but view the leaves was pretty nice. I think it will be habit forming. Jennifer: The first woman ever to hang out at a boys weekend jam session. Brandy: The first dog to attend. Mal: Ate two turkey sandwiches the whole weekend. Jon and Shane: Drank only one beer total all weekend. Jon: Shot two Partridge. Mal: Brought along a truck-horn for a musical instrument.

As I sit home, washed and fed, I reflect on the weekend. I find myself about 100 times as relaxed as I was Thursday night. This always seems to happen. I sincerely believe that these little breaks in the routine are essential to a balanced existence. I have new energy after these events that has to come from the gathering of friends. I hope these things go on till we are so old our kids have to bring us!

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