Boys Weekend

Fall 2002

October 11-13-2002


By Bob Gifford and Joe Ketcham

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Well another annual event went off without a hitch. Shane, Bob and Joe arrived at 11:06 am Friday to find a deserted Green River Reservoir. We put-in without encountering the ranger and zoomed over to our site. It took us an hour to set up camp. Dave and Jon showed up a short while later. Roy and Stan arrived soon after, just missing Shane and Bob who had taken off in search of Single track. They rode around a while running into Stan, who had just gotten off the boat, and was on his bike in search of Bob and Shane. The three of them headed out into the unknown Northern reaches of the reservoir.

Leaving Roy to fend for himself. Roy took action and set-up camp, doing all the work while Stan was out playing. Mean while, Dave and Jon headed out to hunt the woodland partridge. DP bagged one, which was eaten later in the evening. Very tasty. Dave, killed-cleaned-cooked his meal. Not something you can do every day in Shelburne. Kinda makes you want to go over to Dick's Sporting Goods and buy a shotgun and move to Morrisville.

Tim arrived in the Dark and was closely followed by Jim Schramel bringing the Friday night total boy count to 9. After eating well, we played some tunes ( good thing Tim made it ). What fun hanging out with old friends singing/listening to Tim and his band the "woodland retards". Good stuff. Fireplace antics and joke telling dominated the rest of the evening. I believe we came up with some original (joke) material. No.....I'm sure of it.

Saturday dawned clear and promised to be a totally awesome day. Shane Stan and Bob headed out on the GRR bike ferry (Bob's motorized canoe) to the East shore trails. DP and Jon paddled over to the east shore to hunt. Tim, Joe and Roy went running/hiking. Jim Schramel went ???? Jimbo left later in the afternoon to watch a UVM hockey game. Be sure to call Jim up if you want to see a UVM home game. He has 3 tickets to every home game this season.

Saturday night was another meat-fest. We again we had too much food. The Moon came out and turned the reservoir into a surreal reflecting pond. There was plenty of wood so this night we had a bon-fire. Which worked out well, being the wind had picked-up and the temperature had fallen a bit. This night we listened to the radio (music) and kicked back a little. Roy and Stan were even seen playing back-gammon. There was plenty of humor once again and an occasional explosive-flare-up. We drank all our beer and turned in.

Sunday dawned overcast and spitting rain. We packed up, ate breakfast and where outa there by 10:00am. It didn't really rain until we were all loaded and driving home. The weather was about perfect. I (Bob) got home at 11:06 which was a little weird.

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