Boys Weekend

Fall 2003

October 10-12-2003


By Bob Gifford and Joe Ketcham

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Fantastic! That's one way to describe our 12th annual Boys Weekend, and it wasn't just the weather that made it that way;  new blood, the fishing, new games, and we didn't run out of beer....well sort of. The attendance record of 14 has been shattered; 19!   So read on /view pics, of an event that will surely be tough to top.....

Friday morning found Bob at the Price Chopper snagging beer and Lobsters at 8:00am. Bob was a little fuzzy because he and Norm drank some beer after the ride the night before. They ran into Shane and Matt also buying food. They headed for the Taj (Richmond's park and ride) and picked up Roy, Norm and Jeff. They got to meet Andrea, who teaches with Roy. They were headed for Garfield Road by 9:15am, and were at site 21 on Green River Reservoir at 11:00am. Norm, Roy, Stan, Shane, Matt, Jeff and Bob were the first group to arrive. Joe and David pulled in around noon. Joe and David reported a State Police safety check in Waterbury center on the way in. That could have been a bummer. Somewhere around 12:30pm Shane, Stan, Norm and Bob headed out for a three hour tour on bikes. The route and general direction is currently in dispute, but they had a great time. Muddy and pricker infested but a nice ride nonetheless. The rest of the group spent time; either setting up camp,  hanging out by the fire, or playing horse shoes. David went out in search of Partridge, but came back empty-handed, must of been those damn bikers, spookin' the poor birds from their roost.

Later in the afternoon Mal, John and Jonah pulled in, pulling a raft. This has never been done before. Tim showed up in his canoe solo soon after. Jon and Bill pulled in after dark. They paddled to the south end of GRR first to check out another party. Roger showed up moments later and that made 14 for Friday night. Stan unveiled a civil war cannon, which he shot off several times. This thing is loud and will steer the course of BWE events. Bob will have his own cannon soon, as soon as he figures out how to get one made. Anyone else want one? Let him know. The evening was spent playing music and eating large amounts of food, including Lobster, which is a first. The eating never really stopped. After a few brews, bad/good jokes, and some fine backwoods tunes, some found themselves heading to beddy-by, while a strong contingent stayed back to carry the night into the wee hours. It was past 3:00am when Bob came out to ask that the truck horn be put away, he needed sleep and it’s piercing wail was too much.......good-night Jonbo, good night Roybo, good night Mary Ellen.

Saturday dawned clear and another awesome day was upon us, how did we get this lucky!? Lows of 50, highs of 70.....all weekend long! Shane, Stan and Bob went Mt. biking on the East side of the lake. Umbrella Hill has a great view to the west that lets you see the whole GRR. A cool hike for non bikers. Norm , Jon , Bill and Roy headed out on a Geo cache mission. They found one on the south end of the lake where Norm took the traveler with him. He was going to move it to California and place it another geo cache out there. A gecko?  Others hung around camp playing horse shoes, fishing, relaxing, reading, writing, canoeing, paddling rafts or downing brews. Being the weather was so perfect, you could be doing absolutely nothing and feel like you were on-top-of-the-world. Green River Reservoir sure is a beautiful place. Saturday night was another jam fest with the music lasting on past midnight. We ate like pigs and drank much beer. Shane located his ear plugs, so turned in early.....come to think of it, were the hell were the young'ns; Matt and Jeff? Can't keep up with us middle-age wilder-beasts?  The moon, again, was out, along with no wind, so it made for an excellent last night.

Sunday was clear again and nobody wanted to leave. Shane did take off early for a soccer game. The rest stayed put, drinking beer, playing horseshoes, eating, fire-tending, fishing......David caught a record eight fish, all of which were pickerel, DP reported; "they put up a heck of a fight". Jon and Bill left around 9, having to endure a barrage of tomatoes, muffin's and grapes being thrown at them as they paddled out. Tim over-threw a tomato and ended up getting wet himself, nothing like wet levis early in the morning to get the blood flowing! As usual Jon gets away unscathed. Moments later; Jim S shows up! .......Way cool! The group now decide to hang-out for more fun.. It was around 3 before the last remaining "boys" left the campsite. What a weekend! If we keep this up, we might have to make it a 3 night event.

Highlights: New Recruits, Matt, Jeff, John, Jonah, Bill and Norm all fit right in. We had a really good time, the new blood was a plus! We had some percussion this year. DP caught some fish, this hasn’t happened in the past. Watching Jeff fall in the water at the put-in. Priceless is all that can be said, Bob told him to sit down in the canoe. Matt will back this up. Awesome weather, absolutely the best. Folks swam everyday and nobody was cold sleeping. Peak foliage, no question. It sounded like rain on the tent, but it was leaves. They fell all weekend covering everything. Bob and Stan beating the Crawford’s at horseshoes 15 to 2, it doesn’t get any better.

Low points: Chick ‘s lonely vigil at the put in. That must of sucked, so close yet so far, enough to make you want to steal a canoe. NO Partridge where taken this year. What is up with that?  NO visits from topless females looking for someone to rub sun block on their backs. This never happens and it is always a bummer.

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