Boys Weekend

Fall 2005

October 14-16-05


By Bob Gifford

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Well this adventure started at the Taj like it usually does. Joe and I were there a little after 9 waiting for DP like we usually do. DP and Jon showed up at around 10 and we were off to Morrisville for supplies. We shopped for some stuff, DP bought a knife, Jon got a rain coat and Bob bought a map. We got to the canoe put in around 12 and set about hauling everything down to the water. What an incredible pile of gear we bring every year. We set out on the water and headed over to the site. Bob couldn’t haul all the gear in one trip. We had to leave Jon’s TV on shore. No Rain so far and the leaves were awesome. We arrived at good old site 21 and found many already there and set up. Stan, Scott, Shane, Jim, Adam, Guy, Mal, Roy and Jona were all milling around moving in. We added to the confusion and set up our sites. After a quick lunch and several cannon shots Bob, Shane, Scott and Stan headed for Katie’s Falls for some single track. We found a good stash and enjoyed ourselves for a few hours.

The mountain bike crew returned just as it started to rain. Some swam in the reservoir even with the cool temps. Friday night brought some rain for the 13 Camping out on site 21. At times it poured. We had a tarp town set up and were pretty comfortable. Guy and Adam where the envy of the site with their Cabellas guide tent with the cots and the wood stove. They were by far the most comfortable and well equipped for this rainy weekend. The little wood stove was cool. It weighed 15 pounds and heated that tent to 80 degrees.

Saturday brought pretty much constant rain. Stan’s friend Jim showed up for a Mt bike ride. We went away and had a good time running the roads around the campsite. We did get pretty wet. Tim Orourke showed up late in the dark making 14 for Sunday night. There was some good music and much food Saturday night. The Ahole jam was most memorable. Jona cooked a huge roast, DP did some bear strips and there was again enough food for several extra people. Much beer was consumed. At one point Saturday the rain did stop for an hour. Some fished or just went out for a paddle. The leaves were pretty nice even with the gray skies. We went through a ton of pyrodex this weekend and even began shooting rocks out of the cannons at targets.

Sunday brought more rain and we were forced to break camp in it. Some were quick to depart only realizing at the put in that they forgot something. Several had to return to the site for coolers, life vests, paddles and fishing gear. It was tough because the wind was blowing pretty hard and it was pretty much pouring. The second trip back pretty much sentenced you to complete wetness. All and all I don’t think you could have had a better time in the rain. Lots of laughs good food and plentiful drink. Thanks to all who took care of my beer habit after I ran out Saturday.


High points:

Guys amazing tent

The Ahole Jam

Not a single rodent in Camp

No Ranger dick

Only one cannon misfire

No political talk

Low points:

Chick didn’t show up

Rain, Rain and more Rain

Ran out a beer

Windy on the exit

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