Boys Weekend

Fall 2006

October 13-15-06


By Bob Gifford

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Shane went in this year on Wednesday all by himself. Bob was next at about 10:30 on Friday morning. The use of a hand cart was new this year. It took Bob about 15 minutes from the car to a fully loaded boat. 2 trips with a hand cart and the load was in the boat. The site was in good shape when I got there. Shane had the fire going which was good because it was pretty cool even with the sun shining. Stan and Scott showed up and we set about moving in. We built a couple tables with Stans screw gun. In the meantime Joe, DP, Jon, Jim, and Roy arrived. DP brought more Plywood so now there are two tables for kitchen use. The biker group set out on a 4 hour tour. They traveled North in the direction of Eden. Mckinstry Hill was climbed and ATV tracks/old roads brought the bikers part way back to the class 2 roads which were followed in the first place. A great ride on a great day. Apparently our horseshoes were taken by some boy scouts so Friday night no shoes were pitched. Bob was the last one up Friday night. I figured that since Mal was missing I had to stay up. We hit the beverages hard Friday and some of us showed it the next day. I think we had 9 by late Friday.

Saturday dawned Clear and it looked to be another Awesome day. Stan and Bob headed out in the Electric launch to get some horseshoes. Stan had to have the most expensive set in the entire state. He found some after looking in 5 places for 50 bucks which he was very happy to donate to the cause.
After a few games the Bikers set out on another mission. The missing link was discovered and a great ride was had. We ended up on our Friday trails using the map and dead reckoning to determine direction. We also did some work on the site exit trail so that it is now rideable from the site to all that we found. Stan cleaned the one hill that appeared to be unrideable. Now someone needs to clean it both ways first. Saturday night was again another huge feed. We had some cannon fire too. Bob went to get Chick at 9pm. This proved to be a quick trip but one shrouded by fog for a good part of it. Pretty weird out there in the fog with no moon. Chick was right on time and showed up exactly when I got to the put in. We drank more and hung on the fire for the rest of the evening. Bob again was the last one up and the first one up on Sunday morning.

Coffee was really important for its great first thing in the morning buzz and the trip up the hill to the green plastic latrine with a current 7Days.
Sunday saw the usual decamp process. Shane was first to scoot followed by Bob and Chick. Joe DP and Jon were under way. Stan Roy and Scott hung for a bit. I saw rain soon after heading south so I assume the others were close behind.


High points:

Weather like we deserve it!!!!!!!

The park was closed this year so Ranger Rick was not always on the waterfront bumming 20's from some poor point guy
No coons either!

Low points:

Not a fish was seen at camp, DP got a few but all we got were tales. No woodland Chicken either, Bob and Shane collected some mushrooms but they got tossed in the interest of an orgainized kitchen.

Fewer Cannon shots, Bob and Stan were lazy this year. Only one stick got launched and I think there were only 5 or 6 shots. Bob's gun was again louder then Stan's.

Bad, No Tim or Jim or Mal. These guys are classics and were missed. Not much Jammin either Booooo! Bad Tim and Bad Jim.

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