Boys Weekend

Fall 2007

October 11-14


By Bob Gifford

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Bob’s clouded memory of the events

Well this year again looked gloomy from a long-term weather standpoint. We plan these things in advance so there is not much to do about dire weather forecasts. Bring tarps, ropes, a good attitude and all else falls into place.

This year was different in that some of us were free to elongate the weekend by another day. A late Thursday beginning was planned by a number of the old timers. I left work on Thursday afternoon loaded and headed out I89. Around Bolton I was getting hit with a pretty strong rain by Waterbury it stopped and although it was very gray out it wasn’t raining. I arrived at the put in at about 4:15pm, in Moscow to find Roy hanging out drinking a beer. He was Boat less and some how talked Shane into hauling his gear into the new site. This year we picked a site on the upper end of Waterbury Reservoir. This turned out to be an excellent spot. I loaded my boat and headed out just as Shane was returning for a second trip. I found Stan at the site already. He was nice enough to lead us in this year. He started the fire and erected a Tarp. He also had time to load the cannon and harass me as I arrived. Roy and Shane arrived soon after and we set about making camp. Dp showed up late in the dark. He had a little trouble with the directions and now has a good working knowledge of the upper end of the reservoir. This made 5 attendees for Thursday night.

Friday dawned ugly and it was. It rained on and off all day. Joe and brothers Tom and Dave arrived in the morning followed closely by Mal, Johna and Mark. Our Tarp town grew and tents sprouted up all over the point. This new site is huge with flat spots for tents all over the place. The Horseshoe pit was set and play began despite the rain. Bob, Stan and Shane went riding. It was cold and wet so we headed up the road to the Trout club and called that a ride. Jon showed up late, which brought our numbers up to 12 for Friday night. Jon paddled in total darkness alone. This really shows commitment to the ritual.

Saturday arrived clear and cool. I found frost at the waterfront. The leaves were peak, which caused everyone to take off in search of views. Bob, Jon, Stan and Shane headed into Stow to ride bikes on the town loops (awesome single track!). Most everyone else headed out on the water. Jim Paulsen and Another Jim (from Almartin’s) showed up for a day visit. The weather turned nasty again and by afternoon it was raining. We cranked the fire and had a good time despite the weather.

Sunday was gray again. Shane packed up and headed to a Soccer game. He was out by about 8:30am. Bob and Jon were next with the electric canoe dragging Jon’s sad excuse for a boat behind. We used his boat as a barge. We got rained on all the way in to the put in. Then it stopped. I was home by 12:00pm


Good: Well this year the food was pretty good. We ate like pigs and I think except for Jonah’s chicken, we ate most all the food. Mal showed up and appeared to be pretty much his old self. The appearance of three Ketcham’s did not upset the balance even with firearms present. Nobody died despite the danger. The site was perfect for this gathering. It had plenty of space and it really had all the things we need. The leaves also were just about peak. Shane’s Homeless man joke was I about the peak in humor.


Bad: The weather was pretty rotten for the most part. We did have a really nice Saturday morning, and early afternoon. The rest of the time it was cold and nasty. The mentos/diet soda experiment was a flop. We had some foot traffic, which was not really, an issue. I think if the weather were nicer we would have seen a lot more. Women and small children don’t understand the ways of Boysweekenders. This could erupt into a problem at some point.


Ugly: The worse part of the weekend was the lack of a good latrine area. We all ended up spreading out all over the place. It would be a good thing to correct this aspect of the site next year. A Sheet rock mud bucket and a toilet seat would be a good start. Also Tim failed again to show up. It’s to bad he can’t find the time. It’s always a bummer when an old timer quits.


Jon takes first place on the worse looking boat.

Shane made the best coffee and therefore receives the Nobel Prize for Caffination

DP got lost so he gets the "WherethefuckareWe" award.

Johna gets the first ever Dancing Chicken award.

Mal gets the return from the Dead award after his bout with a little tiny tic.

Stan gets the Camp Boy award for excellent Tarp erection, nobody does it like Stan.

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