Boys Weekend

Fall 2008

October 10-12


By Bob Gifford

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This years Fall event was well warned and we really hyped it up for a month prior to the event. We had a strong early showing with Joe and DP leading the pack around 9am. DP had his motorboat so the effort to get to the site for some was mostly loading and unloading a boat. Stan Shane and myself met at the Taj at 9am and showed up at the put in about 10am. We had planned on parking in the Little River State park over flow lot and using our own boats to haul in our gear. The park ranger was new to this idea but he went along with it. Bob’s boat sprung a leak. We ended up being rescued by the DP Taxi service. I dragged my crippled canoe over to the site for repairs.

By Lunchtime our tents were set and the site was pretty well rigged. We were once again using the sacred site were it all began. Our Horseshoe lane was set up and Stan broke a shoe. Cheap Chinese Crap! We called for ground support and ended up with two more sets of shoes by nightfall. Roy showed up hauling his gear in one Kayak and himself in another. Stan Shane and Bob headed out for a Bike ride, Fiberglass repair kit Crouton mission. Shane forgot his gloves and Bob forgot his helmet and gloves. Stan forgot his wallet. We saw a Yard sale and Bob bought a helmet for a dollar. We rode the Putman Town Forest. Stan led us on a 4 way tour of Joes trail (up and down twice) and a decent of Burning Spear. We returned to town and found Mal in the Super Market. By seven Friday evening we had Mal, Doug and Jon bring the total to 9. Tim showed up at 11:30 pm putting us up to 10 on the first night.

Since we had a motorboat we also had a chain saw so wood was easy. Our Fire on Friday night reflected this. Tim played as did most of us and we winded the evening down at 1:34am with Bob and Mal being the last ones standing. Cannon shots were heard as were a large selection of fireworks brought by Doug. Dinner was the typical Meat with more meat consumed with Beer and more Beer. Joe had Lobster in a can. Bob didn’t cook, he just waited for leftovers.

Saturday morning dawned Gray. The Lake caused a cloud to form overnight and everything was coated in heavy dew. The large trees were condensation points so under them it rained. IT was 9am before the sun poked though and burned the cloud off . The leaves were just perfectly peak in terms of color. It was warm and freaking beautiful in all directions. Bob , Stan and Shane took off for a shorter local ride. We bushwhacked and dragged our bikes up Greg Hill until we hit a trail. We rode around for an hour on a ATV/old woods road net work. Then we bushwhacked back to the site along the shore. We did find a nice Cliff top view on the side of Greg hill, which is worthy of a walk sometime. DP, Joe and Jon went fishing. Jon fell in the lake and so did Mal while gathering firewood. Roy went and raided the secret Concretion deposit harvesting a half a kayak load.


We got back to the site and set about making dinner. Shane’s friend Jim showed up in a Kayak. A while later Jim Paulsen, Chick and Patrick showed up. This made 14 for Saturday night. Jim’s fiddle livened up the music and Patrick’s singing was pretty cool. Bob cooked 2 chickens on a stick. They took about 3 hours to cook and were gone in about 10 minutes. More piles of food were consumed and lots more beer. Music was again played late. We had a great fireworks display again with an almost full moon in the background. Cannon shots were also heard. Mal apparently was Rapping after I went to bed so someone will have to fill in the details.

Sunday dawned once again gray with local (under the tree) rain. Shane was out first this year heading out about 9am. Bob waited for the sun to burn the clouds off before packing up. The wounded red canoe was repaired and didn’t leak on the passage to the beach. The site was empty by 3:00 with all of us headed our separate ways.



High points:

Weather, Weather, Weather

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

Free Campsite with no Ranger/Cop infiltration.

Big turn out

Nobody got hurt

Water temps were warm enough to swim


Low Points:

There weren’t any.

YouTube Video by Jon Nealy

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