Boys Weekend

Fall 2009

October 8-11


By Bob Gifford

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The weekend started as the last few did for some. Thursday afternoon I found my self leaving work early and heading to Shaw’s. Provisions need to be secured and of course this is the last thing I do before heading out. I got  off the highway in Richmond and headed out Rt2 East. Just after Bolton flats I see Shane’s car on the side of the road. It also looked like DP was there too. Hmm I said to myself what have we here? DP’s trailer Wheel bearing gave up the ghost and they were just finishing up  the transplant using only a hammer and a leatherman.  I could offer no assistance so I headed on my way. I had rented a site at Little River for leaving the truck. I checked in and went down to the water front and unloaded pile of gear. I parked the truck and paddled out to the site. Stan was all set up when I got there. I got set up and soon DP and Shane arrived. There were 4 of us for Thursday night.  We unwound Thursday night. We re-wrote John Haits Slow Turning. It became “Joe Yearning” for a Big Lake Trout. I guess you had to be there. Seemed funny at the time.

Friday dawned grey and raining. We Had DP’s Circus tent so we were pretty comfortable. He brought Industrial lighting too. Stan , Bob and Shane went for a ride up near the Bolton Wind Generator (which is visible from the site). It was slippery and totally leaf covered. It was what I needed to remove the head ache from the nights antics. We returned for our bike ride to find Jon on site. Joe and his Brothers Tom and Jon were also hanging out.  We set about cutting firewood with DP’s large Saw. We cleaned up some snags and played Horseshoes. Friday night was fairly low key. We shot the cannon a bunch.  We ate like pigs as usual. Roy showed up late in a trash bag. Jon went and rescued him at the Damn. Roy tried but could not sweet talk the Park lady. At about 10pm a police boat came by. They didn’t stop just did recon.

Saturday dawned raining again I think. But then the sun came out. Shane Stan and Bob went hiking. They went up to the view point about 15 minutes from the site.  Then they traced the shoreline back. It rained a bit more but we made the best of it. Cones were paddled and Jon went to Town and bought a hand gun. Carter Biddle and Eric Nealy showed for a visit. More cannon fire! Jim showed up for a visit too. Shane Stan and Bob went for more beer. Joe pitched food at us. Joe hit Shane with a sausage right in the ass. Bob vandalized Joes Van with Sausage fragments.   On the way to Waterbury Shane checked his messages. The Police were looking for him. Hmmm what could this be about? Apparently the State police got a report of a boat exploding. Of course they looked for the guy in a canoe?  Yea that makes sense.

Sunday was a typical end of the event morning. Bob and Shane were packed up and were out first. Stan was next and then I am not sure the order of things. It seems like Sunday is the exit day. After three days it seems like its time to get back to the grind.


The Good

Reasonable Weather

Getting the cops out

Tons of food (DP brought an Oven)

The Bad


Some rain

No Mal

No Tim

No Jim or Chick

We didn’t’ get to hear the Cow Punchers Whore again

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