Boys Weekend

Fall 2010

October 7-10


By Bob Gifford

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Well this years event started on Thursday the 7th for one lone camper. Shane paddled in around 3pm to secure the site. I showed up around 10am on Friday morning after a leisurely get up and find all my junk morning. Shane reported rain and wind the previous evening. The morning weather was nice and it appeared that the rain on Thursday night was over. The site looked great with almost no trash. There was a really high water mark on DP’s stairs. The rains of October first must have collected and built up behind the dam. The water had clearly been 6 feet higher then it was when I parked my boat.

Stan, Scott, DP Eric and Joe showed up all about the same time just before lunch. Eric’s dog Puck was installed as the camp dog. We moved in and began gathering firewood with two chain saws. One that ran great the the other (mechanic owned ) didn’t run so hot. We built a blue tarp hide out as usual and then Bob Stan Shane and Scott went riding in the area. We quickly got in trouble with a trail interpreter for riding on an old road not designated for bike traffic. We found another way in and rode foot trails anyway because of course those rules do not apply to us. There is a whole lot of land up in the direction of Bolton ski area to bike on. Its not really technical but a good work out in any case. We got glimpses of the Wind turbine spinning up on the ridge. I tell you the whole area is ruined because of this. Not one deer or hunter was seen and this is surly because of that turbine. It spins up there ruining everything!

We got back to camp and began eating and drinking as usual. David. Joe, Eric, and Puck were out fishing on the reservoir hoping to finally catch something worth bringing back to camp. Didn't happen. During the early evening rain passed by intermittently and then stayed for a bit. Our fire never really was dampened. Tim showed up in the rain and darkness alone in a canoe. I think he had a trash bag rain coat in good minimalist style. I didn’t think he could camp in the rain but he in fact can. We no longer need to have faith he can do it we know it, its a fact.We ate meat as usual with Caesar Salad , Thank you Beth for the dressing. It makes Camp salad the best. Some Jamming was done lead by Brother Tim. DP brought a little drum that was perfect. Now Dp if you could find us a little symbol that would be good. Stan was the last man standing Friday night. I believe there is a picture somewhere of him lighting a half smoked cigaret with a blow torch. Gotta find that picture.

Joe was up early the next morning stoking the fire and making coffee. Slowly the herd migrated to the coffee pot and then to the outhouse. I guess thats how we work. Eat Sleep Coffee Shit , repeat. Bob Stan Shane (AKA Stain) and Scott headed to Stowe for a bike ride. The lot was full and we didn’t see one rider on the trails. Shaw hill was in great shape with the exception that the trails were hard to see. The covering of leaves some times made route picking difficult. We rode for about 2 hours and then headed back. The traffic sucked because there was the annual Craft Fair going on. Rt100 was a big long parking lot. We used the showers at the camp ground and then paddled over to resume in the ritual. Tim was missing apparently called away for something. Jon was there with his boat and Samson.

Dp was hanging in there Given his condition he gets the award for the most dedicated member of our group. I think if you didn’t know it you would not know what he was dealing with. Paddling canoes and hauling gear and cooking food like the rest of us. DP cooked up some Cod for dinner that was awesome. I didn’t even cook my dinner food the whole weekend. Horseshoes were tossed and in some cases thrown. DP even played too. Camp was Jam less Saturday night. Tim the music boy was not there to lead us in 2 and 3 cord classics. Stan was again the last man standing. We had a cannon on site a pellet gun and a 22 pistol. I think the cannon was fired 4 times and the pellet gun about 400 times. Not sure about the 22. We saw a partridge fly right through the site. We saw a Moose swim across the water on Saturday as well as an Adult Bald Eagle soaring around.

Sunday morning was chilly but clear. We watched the sun rise over White Rocks and once again enjoyed arguing over the best coffee. The Outhouse received another several pounds of deposits. Shane was the first off the site at around 9am. He paddled back to the dam where his car was left. Jon was second hauling a giant load back to Shelburne in his boat. Bob left around 11am leaving DP, Joe, Scott and Eric playing some Horseshoes.

And so ends another successful Fall event.


DP came and appeared to be having a good time
Tim showed up and only sang one God song
Reasonable weather
Tons of food
Only minor Ranger friction, No Police boats
Easy firewood


Mal missed another Fall event , this is two in a row!
Roy wasn't able to show
Tim left early
Jon came late
Small turnout only 9
Looks like Jim and Chick have abandoned us completely, I guess they are too old for this kind of fun.

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