Boys Weekend

Fall 2011

October 7 - 9


By Bob Gifford

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We all showed up on Friday this year!  Maybe it was because it's been 20 years of us doing this event, and some of the slackers decided to save face and show up on time. Stan and I had sites at Little river and used them for car storage. I showed up moved on my site with my van. I had John Crosswait as a newbie with me this year. The road down to the water front at Little river was blocked so we had to ferry loads down. We left our bikes in the Van. Across the water we went finding Stan already set up along with Shane. John and Roger were there also. We set up camp and had some lunch and then Bob John Stan and Shane went Biking in Waterbury. We rode the Perry hill trails and stopped for some Heady Toppers on the return trip. We found our boat gone when we returned. My kids had shown up and used the big red canoe to gain access to the site leaving me and John marooned. DP saved us and brought us over in his whaler. Friday night had a good sized crew. Jon , DP, Joe, Eric, Roy, Dylan, Sam, Casey,  Bob, Shane, Stan, John, Roger, and Tim.....Who again left early, WAF!

Friday night we had a big fire as usual, and played horseshoes under the lights......Thanks to DP bringing a generator, and lights. It worked so well, that shoes were tossed late into the evening. Music was played, and an excellent display of fireworks by DP was enjoyed. I drank 4 Heady Toppers and was the last man sitting in a chair at the fire, asleep. I think Shane was the last man standing, or maybe it was Stan, not sure. I might add that the weather was freaken awesome all day, like 70 degrees sunny!

Saturday dawned foggy as it usually does this time of year. The Sun burned through and we slowly rose and set about eating some food. Bob Shane John and Stan went riding from the park. We rode all the way over to Cotton Brook and then back, losing Shane at some point. We resumed the annual event ritual after the ride. While we were out riding, those back at camp, gathered wood, canoed, fished, and ate up the perfect fall day. Again the sun was out and it hit 70. Dinner was an awesome fish fry by DP and Eric. Oh my was that good! A freak-en giant fire was needed to consume all the wood Jon collected with his boat. We blew up a plastic Crow, Melted a Goose and pretty much did what we always do. Drink all the beer, eat all the food and fight over who is the best at tossing hunks of steal at steal rods. Tim left in the dark. Dylan, Casey and Sam explored the dam at night.

All was well in the morning  Considering we party pretty hard for our age, I'd say we all looked better than we should of. After some breakfast, Bob, John and John paddled out with the boys (Dylan Casey and Sam ) around 10am. Pretty much everyone else lasted till 3pm. Just too darn nice out to go back to responsibilty. Awesome weather and a strong turn out with lots of new faces.

Weather was grand
Food was excellent I didn't even really cook
Beer was really good two Heady Toppers are awesome.
Excellent Fire works, Thanks DP

Too much Fish to eat, really too much.
Only one crow to blow up

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