Boys Weekend

Fall 2013

October 4 - 6


By Bob Gifford

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We deviated this year from the norm and camped a weekend earlier. This allowed the use of Columbus day weekend for family oriented outings this year. Not sure else who took advantage of the opportunity but Shane Jon and I did.

Friday I arrived at Little River about 10am this year. I rented site 36 so I could park my van safely, Stan got the site up the street too. Stan was sick this year with some kind of infection on his Arm. He never made it for the first time since he started coming.
I drove my van down on the beach and loaded all my junk in the boat.  I was on the site pretty quickly and set up.  The site was in good shape with no trash, I found a fair amount of wood and started the fire. A while later Joe and DP showed up with a full boat load of gear. We set up a tarp and moved in. Jon arrived in good order, so we were now four. Roy followed with his two kayak system. Shane showed up on the dock about 5pm, and DP went and retrieved him. On the way over we met some locals with a rat boat. The thing had a 454 truck engine in it and was pretty MAD MAX looking, dirty and kind of sparten. These locals came over for a beer and demonstrated their boat tearing up the Lake. They seemed to enjoyed a couple of cannon blasts in their honor.We used Jon's boat to collect fire wood which made for a decent fire. As with most years, too much food was available at dinner time, but we did our best not to waste.  Fireworks were displayed, and Cannon blasts did occur I think.

Saturday was pretty nice out. Bob,Shane and Jon rode bikes above the park. Lots of trails up there and some new single track done with an excavator. We did a loop and headed back.  I think Jon liked it. DP and Joe went fishing, and Roy paddle around a bit, not sure what else happened. - It's about a month later and specific details have been lost in the fuzz.- I know I fell asleep at the fire. Only because DP posted a pic for me. Seems like it rained a little. We had a tarp up, so our kitchen area was covered. There was some music, a little horseshoes, and more fireworks. Roy went to bed early, there must have been a red sox game on the radio. Dylan Casey and Sam showed up for a visit and stayed pretty late. Jon took them back in the dark.  Jim Schramel showed up too. He has been absent for a long time and came for a visit with no overnight gear. He ended up leaving late paddling off in the darkness.

Sunday came as it usually does. Eat something and Jon leaves first. I think Shane got a ride with Jon. Bob left next leaving Roy Joe and DP hanging out.  I was home before 12 with all my gear put away. This seems to be the routine these last few years. By Sunday morning real life calls us back and we go.

It was a light turnout for sure and it reminds me of when this thing started out. We only had 5 people at some of the first events.

The Good

The core group showed up.
The weather was not awful
The leaves were pretty nice

The Bad

Missing Stan
Missing Mal
Shane had no canoe

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