Boys Weekend

Fall 2014

October 3-5


By Bob Gifford

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Well that was fun, as usual. We had a light but dedicated crew this year. Perfect weather for the paddle in. The place was like glass on Friday with peak colors. We set up camp and built a great tarp structure, then we went fishing. We didn't need to cut any wood, as the state had been there. They built a new Outhouse and left us a big pile of cut wood to burn. It didn't really rain till lunch time Saturday, when it poured. Most of us were fine except for Mal. His tent ended up flooding, so he watched the fire all night. Sunday morning it was sunny and warm. I left about 10 and was home by 11:45. I took my wife to the airport and then went for a motorcycle ride.

We were 6 this year with DP, Joe, Shane, Bob, Mal and Mike (Scuba guy from the past). We ate well and drank some beer. I caught the biggest fish which we ate. Venison (thanks Eric) Burgers, steaks, lobster and pulled pork were on the menu.

We missed Stan, Roy, Jon and all the others who have been in the past. I think everyone should do what they gotta do. The last thing I want is campers who don't want to be there. We had a great time and I think with a smaller group it was more like the early days.

The Good
Mal made it and brought Mike.
DP took us fishing (I caught the only fish)
Then I caught a bigger one from shore.
Joe's and DP's Fireworks

The Bad
Some of our friends are getting lazy
No cannon (it was really ok for it to be there)
Rain but we know how to do it right.

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