Boys Weekend

Fall 2016

October 14-16


By Bob  Gifford

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So this year we again we planned for Green River on the weekend after the park closed. This has proven to be cheap, flexible and often comfortable as the earth appears to be warming. Here is what I remember of our 25 year anniversary.

Our adventure started as they often do at the park and ride in Richmond. The Taj has been our launch point since it was a gravel lot. Its been transformed several times to its now ubiquitous state "Anywhere in the USA Interstate park and ride" complete with its own rotary circle. About the only thing not different is the most excellent view of Camels hump. Shane met me there and we took the Dodge Van with our pile of gear. I was worried that it might take two trips to haul our gear as it filled the van. We headed up RT100 and took a tour of Morrisville looking for .177cal pellets for my plinking pistol. We found them but it turned out my gun takes 22cal so that was a waste of time.

We found Tom parked on Rt15 We followed him up the access road and found Joe in the lot all unloaded. We dragged our shit to the water and packed my Schanoe to capacity. Shane had to wear his guitar but we fit. The Leaves were a little past peak but still in full color. Warm and Sunny out and in 20 minutes we were on the group site setting up. We got set up and started the fire which ended up burning til Sunday. Plenty of wood to be had without Stan's saw. See Stan we don't need your help, we did fine just like we always did with saws. That being said Joe did almost cut his finger off. A good bleeder was tended to by EMT Bob, gotta love cloth tape.  We hung around, went for a paddle and then came back and started cooking. Cooking and burning things seems to be our purpose on these trips. Some time around 5pm we saw boats on the horizon. Mal and Mike had found us. Apparently they went south from the launch for a bit before heading back North to our general area.

We were Six for Friday night a small but dedicated crew. We dined on Steak, chicken and more Steak. Sweet potatoes and Delecata squash  too, hmmmm fire roasted veggies are the best.  A few fireworks some guitar playing. We wrote an awful song about Stan, so bad I cant repeat the lyrics. Joe was injured so he could not work it out till it was studio ready. IT was a reggae song along the lines of the "harder the come"  but Stancentricly recomposed. Friday night was cold in the upper 20's so we had a good hard frost.

Saturday dawned with a bit of an Ice fog so things were frosty early. The day warmed up nicely. Bob and Shane paddled up North and fished some. One Perch was caught but that was it. We went way up into the swamp under the bridge. Lots of people out enjoying the sun. Pods of Kayaks moving about, looked like a school. Tom and Joe worked on gathering wood, while Mike fished, and Mal kept busy tending the fire.

Saturday night we ate like pigs again. More Steak with Pork all grilled on the fire. I brought a cast Iron fry pan that we used for most meals. It makes everything the fire doesn't. We really tried to drink all the beer I think we had one left Sunday moring. Saturday night was warm and breezy. We did get a coon visit early Sunday morning. The critter dragged Mikes cooler away. Mike heard him and scared him off before the cooler made it to the dead cooler grave yard. It was a good thing for the Racoon that David wasn't able to attend this years event..... Rocky would of met his maker, no doubt.

Very dry with no Dew Sunday morning.  We got up and picked up. Made a big breakfast egg mess and then loaded the canoes. Two loons came into our little bay and fished. They talked at each other more then I have seen before. They clearly have a language they speak.  Mike caught a pickerel Sunday morning and took the biggest fish prize. Something over a foot long too.

We all paddled out in the sun on calm water. We were all loaded and out of there by noon. We did see a little rain Sunday morning but it was just a few passing sprinkles followed by sun for the rest of our GRR experience.  I think this was a trip more typical of the old days. Small crew, limited toys, pretty quiet but fun as well. It was good to see Mike and Mal made the trip up from Conn. They definitely had to work much harder to make it happen the the Vermonter contingent.

The Good
Super weather
Adequate fire wood
Light traffic on the water
Joe didn't cut his finger off
Stan's Song is almost finished
Great food!

The Bad
Nothing to note, so I guess, that we were there for only 2 nights.

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