Boys Weekend

Fall 2017

October 20-22


By Bob  Gifford

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We started this annual weekend like all the others. The journey begins Friday morning as we make our way to where ever it is we are going. This year was Green River as it should be and after the place closed. I met Shane at the Taj and we took the Van with the big red canoe on the roof. We met Joe and Tom in the parking lot. The rangers were still there closing down the place. They made us park up in the outer lot.  I had an injured back so the prospect of dragging a 90 pound canoe 300 yards uphill was making me wonder if my choice to come camping was a wise one.

We dragged our gear to the water and loaded the boats. We were 4 for the weekend and the weather was perfect. It was 70 degrees and the lake was calm. We moved into site 21 and set about the firewood chore. It was pretty easy because the park had cut down three big maple trees and had diced them. Tom brought a nice axe so we were set..... Especially because Tom did all the chopping. After setting up camp, Bob and Shane went fishing. We paddled up to the north end and fished the water leading to the bridge. We caught a big bass and 6 big perch. The bass took Shane's bait when he wasn't even holding the rod. The weather was just perfect. We went swimming it was so nice out.  We cleaned the fish and grilled them for dinner. I think this was the first time we actually caught something we could eat on one of these weekends.

We had a nice fire and ate a ton of food like we always do. It was warm and you could not ask for better conditions. Late that night I was awaken by a beaver who was feeding right out side my tent. He was crawling up the bank right near my tent. Joe had some fireworks, but no guns or cannons.

Saturday dawned clear and we were in for another nice day. The group ate some food and then went out and paddled. We went around the island and then back up to where we fished the day before. This time Shane hooked a near 3 foot Chain Pickerel. Then, he hooked another one and then another one. I was in the same boat with the same bait. I caught one little perch. We then headed back to camp and enjoyed another balmy warm evening. A nice fire and some fireworks ended our Saturday night.

Sunday again was clear. We had Loons out front. We slowly packed up and moved the gear pile. We left the site around 11am and headed to the put-in. My back was killing me and the canoe drag was scaring me. We made it over to shore and there it was. A canoe trailer sitting there. We loaded Big Red on it, along with some guys kayak. Joe let us use his wagon too. The load out was easy. 

We had weather you never get in late October. A small turnout which is much like it was back in the beginning when just Joe, Bill and I would venture forth for a couple night out in the woods.  We missed Mal this year. He always makes so much more of an effort then anyone to come camp with us. He was sick this year so he never made it.

High points
Joe and Shane played lots of songs
Great food! 

Low points
low turn out
Roy and Jon mentioned coming but never showed (lazy bastards)

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