Weekend 2003

June 20-22, 2003


By Webchuck

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After two years in-a-row of rainy weather for our family weekend, held at Button Bay State Park, it was nice to have such sunny weather for this year's event. A good showing of families, including: the O'Rourke's, Prior's, Ketcham's Gifford's, Bishop's, Maclausin's, and the Nealy's. Everyone showed Friday afternoon or early evening with the O'Rourke's showing up late in their Honda Accord stuffed to the brim with all their camping equipment and 2 teenagers! What is up with that? The Prior's need their full size Suburban to get the job done, and they only have one kid.

Friday afternoon was spent setting up camp and hanging out while the kids hit the pool. A few beers where tossed back as dinner was being grilled, boiled and fried. Nothing taste better than vittles cooked in the great outdoors. After our meal we started a campfire and the kids made smores and had a go at jamming around the fire. Isaac and Dylan played a few tunes. I over heard Isaac (16 year old) say: "I'm better than my Dad".

Saturday morning brought blue skies and hungry folks.We waited for Tim to get up and start breakfast, but after awhile everyone gave up on Tim and fended for themselves. The Bishop's and Maclausin's did up a pile of food, including bacon and eggs. Over at the Ketcham site however it was as simple as you can get: Kellogg's Variety Pac, O.J. and coffee. Of course the Priors (Kristin) cooked up a feast as usual........must be nice Dave!

Saturday afternoon was spent doing the things we enjoy. The kids rode their bikes around, swam, played wiffle-ball, and fished. The adults played with the kids, some sat in DP's gazebo and played cards, Roy, Stan and Joe played catch, Bob and Stan rode their mountain bikes around, Carol played some music, Joanne drove around in her "new" Saab convertible "Bob" just bought her......oh how sweet. Thanks Bob! We had a surprise visit by Bill Goddard, who stayed for a couple of brews only to have his truck breakdown on the way out. He called triple A and finally was able to leave the campsite. Tim prayed. Dave, Joe, Matt and Jon went out on Jon's "yacht" for a few hours hoping to land a Salmon for dinner. They came back empty handed so it was hot dogs and hamburgers instead.

Saturday evening was spent sitting around the campfire making smores and visiting. There were very few mosquitoes out, which is always good, and the temperature dropped down to a very comfortable place. The guitars came out once again, only this time it was the adults turn. We showed the kids who is king at this music thing! We ended up staying up past midnight enjoying Roy's humor and even had the campers next door come by for a visit. Believe it or not Jon Nealy was still up!

Sunday dawned with light rain, but soon gave way to more sunny skies. Everyone took their time packing up, trying to enjoy the last remaining hours before check-out. Tim and family were first to leave, being they needed to drive to Massachusetts to drop-off their teenage son at some basketball camp. Roy and Joe stayed until 3pm, even though check-out time is 11am. The rangers didn't seem to mind. All and all a very good weekend!


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