Weekend 2005

June 22-26, 2005


By Webchuck

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Where the hell do I begin?!  There were so many attendees this year that there's no way I'm going to remember everyone's name. This year's family event started out Wednesday afternoon with the Priors, McAuslans, Pecks, and Bishops setting up camp, and enjoying the summer weather by fishing and swimming. Ned Halpin arrived later in the evening to round-out the bunch. They sat around the campfire downing a few beers, roasting marshmallows and talking. Apparently too loud for the host Ranger, he asked the unruly crowd, to basically shut-up, as it was now "quiet time" (10pm), and there was to be not a peep after ten PM......nada...zilch...."put that guitar away boy!"....."If I have to ask you one more time, I'll be force to call in the local State Cop." Dave Prior help the situation by telling the guy to "watch-out". After a few more whispers around the now fading campfire, it was lights out.

Thursday arrived sunny and hot  David Prior as usual, was up early and out fishing. Steve Peck joined him for some trolling and landed a couple of Salmon, as did Dave. One made it to a cooler, intended for a grill, but the carcass never made it, and it ended up (a couple of days later) rotting in Prior's cooler. The Raccoons didn't even want it. For the most part, the rest of the campers were either swimming or lounging. Being 90 with 100% humidity, what else can you do?..... If there's teenagers around, anything can be going on. Arriving at the campground around noon, were the Ketcham's. This year Matt brought his friend Nick, an excellent camper! The boy didn't get the: "I'm bored" syndrome for 4 days! Before long it was time to cook and down a couple of well deserved brews. At about 10pm (quiet time), the Ketcham's headed for their tents while the regular law-breakers stayed the course and waited for Ranger Dick to show, which he did. DP once again was there to help out the situation. Things were said, and it was proven that being a crazy-white-boy has it's advantages.

Friday was once again hot and sunny  When it's hot, there's no better place to be, then a campground next to a really big lake. Stan went on a bike ride, Ned went to work, the women cleaned up, played board games or in Kristin's case, read and lounged on her hi-tech lounge chair. She had broken her ankle a couple of weeks prior (no-pun-intended) to camping and still was in a cast, which the girls painted-up all pretty like. Tim O'Rourke and family, along with the Giffords, and Nealy's showed-up during the day and we now had 9 families camping out at our annual event. The rest of the day was spent swimming, kayaking, fishing, or in case of a few women, an art lesson from Mimi. Carol, Kathy, and Loren painted flowers at the Ketchams' shaded site. I'd say that they are quick learners, as the paintings were quite colorful. While the ladies were pretending to be little Van Goghs, the men/boys were out in the large field flying kites. Not your everyday kites, one rather large nylon job that Jon Nealy brought that literally picked the teenagers off the ground. I thought for sure someone was going to break a leg. Steve Peck flew his trick kite, that almost took the heads off an elderly couple out for their afternoon stroll. A farmer was bailing big round bails while all this was going on. It was now getting to be late afternoon and time for dinner. The families ate and did the campfire thing so it was almost time for Ranger Dick to make his nightly appearance. It was off to bed for the Ketcham's while the unruly crowd dealt with the law of the land.

Saturday was again beautiful so Tim, Joe, and Issac headed out for a bike ride on the Basin Harbor loop. A great ride. You get to see how the other half lives. After getting back, the kids wanted to ride the inter-tube behind Jon's wake-board towing boat. He's got the boat all decked out......Nealy style! Dave took the kids out fishing. Nick got special attention from the captain and landed some nice looking Rock-Bass. Bob and Stan drove to Snake Mountain and did a mountain bike ride while Ned again made it to work. I believe he was a little late getting to work each morning. He certainly had an excuse this A.M.Some "derelicts" had pushed some of the big hay bails into the road leading out of the campground.......Now who in the world would do such a thing.......Hmmm? My kid is only 11, so it wasn't him! I over heard Mimi say she was going to go paint......Tim however eyed the shade of site 54, and was soon belting out some classics on his guitar. It wasn't long before more musicians joined in and soon we had a full fledge camp-band. A crowd gathered, not sure if they were there for the music, or to see what the nuisance/racket was all about. Anyway, a great way to spend a hot afternoon. After a full day of camping fun, it was now time for some good eats and our last campfire. Which was attended by all, including Chick and Monica who showed up in time for some family action. Well it wasn't long into the evening when fireworks started to go off and Ranger Dick was there in a flash....."OK who's responsible for this!" Joanne was on it and had Mr. Sour-Grapes eating out of her hand. The night didn't end early this evening. Folks were milling/stumbling about till the wee hours. I headed towards my tent around midnight.  Steve and his sister Barb were still up, I swear she was dancing under the Coleman lamp.

Sunday as always comes too soon After a quick breakfast the families started the un-clamorous task of packing up. Stan has a pull trailer, so he probably has it easiest. Although Tim O. doesn't bring much, so he actually has it easier. Now DP on the other hand, brings way too much (thanks for the boat ride), and takes most of the morning tearing down and loading. I swear he complains of a bad back every year. I did help him locate some duck-tape, so I helped. Another year camping with the families has come and gone, and with the perfect weather and large showing of families, I believe this excellent tradition will continue.Camp-On!


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