Weekend 2006

June 21-25, 2006


By Webchuck

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2006 will go down in history as the year our annual Family Weekend took a turn for the worse. No, the weather was picture perfect, the problem was only 4 families camped out this year. The reason being, most of the kids are now in their late teens, and either have no desire to camp with their worn-out parents, or have better things to do. Some, who didn't spend the night, did make it down for the day to enjoy the wonderful weather. Bob actually drove down twice to be with his friends. What a guy! He even brought extra beer

It all began Wednesday, with Roy, Steve, and Kenny setting up camp and enjoying the campground all to themselves. Thursday, DP, and   Lynden arrived, and were soon out on the water with David's Boston Whaler fishing for Salmon. David gets the award for being the most prepared for camping fun. The guy must pack for a week. I know I appreciate it! All I have to do is show-up! DP's boat is well equipped for fishing the lake. He's got sonar, down-riggers, and enough fishing poles and tackle to supply a fishing tourney. What happened to fishing line on a stick, and a bobber. Somehow it seems a little unfair to the fish. Not that I'm complaining, I caught two nice Salmon. Taking one home, which was grilled to perfection, yum!

Early Friday morning  Joe, Matt, and Tanner showed up, and setup camp. The kids rode their bikes around the campground for awhile, and then took my rubber boat out on the lake. They paddled around in circles, but eventually got it figured out and were having a good time going straight.  At 12 years old, they have it all figured out. The evening came and went without one visit from the Ranger. No Nealy's or Gifford's.........I guess that explains last year's run-ins with the law.

Saturday was here and the skies are clear, more camping fun. Reinforcements were needed though, and sure enough the missing families came through by coming down for the day. Tim O'Rourke, Shane Bowley,  the Nealy's (including Jake's girlfriend, and Grandpa and Grandma), the Gifford's, McClausin's the Peck's clan, and overnighters' Janice, Mike, and Sophia. Everyone spent the day enjoying themselves by either wake-boarding, swimming, fishing, biking, kayaking, or visiting. The evening was well spent, and again, no visit from the Rangers.

Sunday unfortunately had arrived and it was time to pack-up and head back to our daily routines. DP once again had a shit-load of stuff to pack-up and haul away. But that didn't stop him from going out fishing. Mike and I joined him for some trolling. DP has the place figured out, so it's wasn't long and we were hitting em' left and right. We hated to go, but I reminded DP that check-out time is 11:00. Hopefully our Family Campout tradition will survive. The way it's going we'll end up with another "boysweekend". Or maybe this will turn into a family weekend without the children, a little quality time with the's Roy!


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