Weekend 2000

June 16-18, 2000


By Tim O'Rourke

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Once again the Button Bay State Campground in Panton Vermont was the location for the "Boysweekend", Father's Day Family get together. This year marks the sixth annual Father's Day Weekend (or best estimate anyway). While June had been a record wet month so far and the lake level at a record height, the weekend was actually quite nice. No rain Friday night and only a brief shower on Saturday. As always the Lake Champlain Fishing Derby was held the same weekend, which attracts alot of camping fishermen as well. Friday June 16th the Nealys, Giffords and Ketchams arrived in the afternoon along with the Prior's who had missed the last few Father's Day get togethers due to their residing in Virginia. That has all changed this year as Kristin recently got a job in Burlington, and they have sold the old house in Petersburg and bought a new place just down the street from the Nealy's in Shelburne!

The O'Rourkes arrived in the early evening and then Roy Bishop and his youngest daughter Emily (7). Due to strong winds there was no campfire the first night and most retired early. Most of the group got tentsites together near the lake access stairs which always makes socializing and community meals easier. The O'Rourkes were different this year, choosing a lean-to site on the opposite side of the campground. This proved to be less than desirable, when a large group of lewd and drunken fishermen camped next door and kept Adrienne (12) and her friend Elizabeth (13) awake until the wee hours. Tim finally reminded them that there were children within earshot and no one was hurt. On Saturday the O'Rourkes moved onto the Ketcham's site. After a brief shower in the morning the adults began to mingle and get caught up on each others events of the past year, while children went wild, travelling in packs around the grounds. The pool was a big attraction as usual.

Visitors on Saturday included Jon's parents, Bud and Tally Nealy who just the week before had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Greg and Wendy and kids and Grace Lang from the Nealy/Vergennes connection. Jon's former next door neighbor from Waltham, Robin and his son Mitch joined us Saturday for a community meal. On Saturday night there was some singing around the campfire and Lauren Nealy even got out her violin and played "All along the watchtower" with Tim. On Sunday, Father's Day morning, a big breakfast was prepared at the Prior site in which the Fathers were allowed to eat first. After this a group photo was taken with Button Island in the background. By 11:00 am. most of the campers had said there good-byes.

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