Weekend 2002

June 15-17, 2002

Summary and Photos

By Tim O'Rourke


It rained and rained but we had 7 families that weathered the weekend anyway. Dave's flea market tent was well utilized and kept folks warm and dry. Dave also caught the biggest fish; a 4 pound largemouth. A surprise visit by Ken Koval was a Saturday night highlight. The families represented included: The Ketchams, the Prior's, the O'Rourke's, the Nealy's, the Gifford's, the MaCausland's and the Bishop's. Another memorable event from our weekend was the biker wedding, which was held at the Pavillion on Saturday but continued into Sunday morning at an adjacent campsite. I'm not sure where the rangers were, but I let them have it at the gate on my way out the next day. Between the Derby fisherman, who get up at the crack of midnight on Saturday morning (when the derby starts) and the fact that this weekend is right at the end of the school year (often coincides with school graduations and such) I'm not sure if we will be able to continue the tradition or not, but I hope so.

Stan and Roy preparing to
start the fire. Look-out!

Dave showing-off his
fish, just before slicing
it's head off.

There were still good
views despite the rain.

The kids were able to
roast marsh-mellows.

Dave hard at work
while everyone else

The women  talking
about how great
their husbands are!

The Prior's, Bishop's and
Giffords wet camp-sites.

Stan and Roy playing
a game of backgammon.

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Photos by: Dave Prior and Joe Ketcham

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