Kids Weekend 2001

August 10-12, 2001


By Tim O'Rourke

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The weather was perfect for this year's kidweekend 2001 at Groton Forest. We got the same group sites at Kettle Pond that we had last year and settling in Friday afternoon were, Papa Bob and his three sons and Papa David with son Lynden. Arriving later in the evening were Papa Tim with his two kids and Papa Joe and son Matt. Also Papa Jeff Houston from Marshfield brought his two kids Ryan and Scott for the weekend. Jeff joined in the evening activities but went home with daughter Jade. Next year maybe he'll stay for the duration. We used the same community lean-to for meal prep. as last year. On Saturday, after a hearty breakfast of blueberry pancakes, the gang explored the pond. Bob and sons found a 12 foot high boulder on the far side of the pond that was perfect for jumping off. This spot was revisited throughout the weekend and lots of good pic's were taken.

The fish were elusive this year, probably 'cause the swimming was more popular. Later in the day, David took his Garwood boat to Lake Groton, gave rides and buzzed Boulder Beach. Adrienne and Isaac's mom, Kathy arrived in the afternoon to take them to more pressing engagements. Is this a sign of things to come for Kidsweekend? Meanwhile back at the site, with Ryan on spoons, Matt on the recorder and Tim and Joe on guitar, a rendition of the boysweekend theme song was played, which, by the way was written by Tim at this event last year. On Saturday night after an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner a contingent in two canoes went out on the pond and rafted in the middle. The pond was placid and three shooting stars were spotted, to spite the partly cloudy skies, along with scores of large brown bats that skimmed the surface. On Sunday camp broke early and folks returned "to their own separate families and towns.


Click Here for the photos

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