Kids Weekend


August 11-13, 2002


By Webchuck

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Well Tim's summary was a little short "it didn't rain; tim hacked a lot of louies, kids had fun. we ate good too. come again". And Bob has done his share, so here I go.....Friday afternoon  Joe Ketcham and son Matt were the first to arrive at our 3rd annual kids event held at Kettle Pond in Marshfield. The weather was camping perfect, sunny and cool. Next to arrive was Tim O'Rourke, son Isaac and a friend.  How Tim gets everything (including a canoe and bike) into his escort wagon is indeed a miracle. Soon after, Dave Prior and son Lynden made their way into camp. Then the troop (Bob Gifford and his sons Dylan, Casey, Eric and a friend) from Starksborro arrived, looking like an assault team from Idaho. After setting up camp it was fishing and swimming.  After a dinner of steak, stir-fry with sausage, and spaghetti, Shane Bowley arrived with his kids Sarah and Peter. Willie Glen followed in with his two, Morgan and Tigan. By now it was dusk and the kids were into a game of "cops and robbers", while the men had a chance to do the dishes and play a couple tunes around the campfire.

Saturday morning brought more perfect weather and the troops were up early to get going. After a breakfast of pancakes, snack-pacs and Deer sausage.......and of course Shane's organic eggs-benedict......or was that oatmeal?, we canoed, fished (Dave caught a nice size rainbow trout), swam, played with the fire, more cops and robber's, jammed, conversed, and biked. As a matter of fact Tim went Mt. biking with Bob and his boys and this is what Bob had to report: "Tim in a very uncommon burst of Physical activity went on a near 10 mile bike ride. He was hampered by a lack of a antifriction device around his family jewels (underwear). This resulted in extreme chaffing and very slow progress on the return leg. Casey Gifford commented "He is slower then death". This was likely the cause of Tim's no show on the FFT the following weekend and his grumpy attitude Saturday night." Bob, you should report for the Burlington Free Press. Anyway, while we were finishing up lunch who should appear? Jon Nealy, son Jake and daughter Lauren. We were now 23 strong and there was no turning back.

Saturday evening the gang feasted on fruit salad, steak, hot dogs and hamburgers. The kids once again played the game "cops and robbers" (what does this mean?) while the tired out men cleaned up and then enjoyed a couple of well deserved brews. This night brought out the guitars and Tim, Joe, Bob, and Shane entertained the crowd. We were out done however by Jake's trumpeting skills and Isaac's juggling. Isaac made us all laugh when he successfully bit into an apple while juggling it, very impressive, don't bother with college boy, you should turn pro! At about 10:00 Jon and Jake headed down to the shore to view meteors. It wasn't long before the whole camping party showed up. Spectacular display!

Sunday morning came too soon, but I suppose all great things must come to an end. After a hearty breakfast, which didn't include any of Willie's deer sausage, everyone broke down camp and loaded up. Again, I marveled at Tim's ability to load all the shit he brought in his Escort. On the way out, we again (we've done this every year) hiked up Owl's head and enjoyed the nice view that you get from the summit. Once again a successful outing with the kids. This is a great tradition, and one we will continue year after year.....Even if Tim thinks otherwise, he's just feeling old cause he can't keep up with Eric!


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