Kids Weekend


August 15-17, 2002


By Tim O'Rourke

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Kidsweekend 2003 began Friday afternoon, with the early arrival of the Prior, Ketcham, and Gifford boys, along with Bowleys’, Shane, Sarah, and Peter (It seems to be a growing trend for dad’s to take this day off and get an earlier start). The O’Rourke boys along with Isaac’s friend Ryan Houston from Marshfield followed. Later, Tim’s friend and first-time Kidsweekend dad, Bob Stockett, from Barre arrived with Charles, Christian, Jason, Lydia and friend Sean in their ’91 Buick, loaded to the gills. Highlights of that first evening, included the usual mass consumption of copious amounts of appetizers followed by the grilling of various cuts of meat that were shared by all. Shane passed around some wonderful bread complete with garlic dipping sauce. Bob was particularly generous all weekend as he shared from his mega-cooler, which was once again packed to capacity. Later in the evening a freak landing by Dave, of a good sized smallmouth bass as he approached the beach caused quite a stir. After 2 hours of fishing, with only some miniscule perch being caught by the boys, Dave noticed some vigorous pulling on the line he’d left dangling behind the canoe. Low and behold he had a fish on and half the campground present to witness it! Once again DP is, “where he should be all the time…”

Saturday added 3 Nealys for a new Kidsweekend record of 23 campers in all. Bob Stockett’s ’91 Buick was finally moved away from the fire, when folks complained of a strong smell of gas emanating from beneath it. Kids and dads biked or fished and generally enjoyed the partly cloudy, but near perfect temperature. With the exception of some sugar craving yellow jackets that buzzed around the half empty soda cans that pervaded our site, there were hardly any other insects to be found all weekend. Meal times were once again a smorgasbord of culinary delights with much sharing and tasting. As evening approached and the citronella was ceremoniously fed to the fire, the dads, along with several of the kids who’ve been practicing this year, passed around any one of a half dozen guitars and pounded out riffs familiar to all (of particular interest this year was the intro to Sweet Home Alabama). Cops and Robbers, a Kidsweekend camp favorite, was played with enthusiasm into the night. Even Matt’s strict bedtime was pushed back to allow for more evening fun. Peter, the youngest at 6 years old didn’t seem to be in one place from the time he arrived. The lad appeared to be in perpetual motion; proving once again that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

On Sunday after a quick breakfast, ritual trash burning, and dads consuming several pots of coffee, camp was broken and cars were packed. From atop Owl’s Head photo opportunities were taken, with Kettle Pond framed below. Folks said there goodbyes and another fantastic Kidweekend came to a close.


Click Here for the Photos

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