Kids Weekend


September 24-26-04


By Webchuck

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Now that most of our kids are teenagers, and have no interest in going with Dad to an event called Kidsweekend, this years' event had a small showing........but we had a blast none-the-less! Dad Ketcham, and son Matthew were the first to arrive at the campsite, right around 2:00 in the afternoon. The weather was just perfect!, 75 and sunny. After setting up camp, Matt and Dad played lawn darts and checked-out the rest of the campground. Around 4pm, Dad Prior, and son Lynden showed up towing their Boston Whaler. They are very experience campers, so it didn't take long for them to setup camp. After doing so, we headed to the shoreline to do some fishing. Not long after, Dad McLausin, and daughter Ally arrived on the scene, making a perfect six-pack. The evening included some excellent food, drink, and a breath-taking moon rise. Our site overlooked the lake and the Green Mountains, what more can you say?!

Saturday we awoke to summer like weather,  so it was shorts and tees for the day. After a breakfast of traditional fare (eggs, sausage, toast, juice), the kids headed to the play area for a game of wiffle ball, and hide and seek. Then it was time for some fishing!. Dad Prior gave Ally a fishing lesson, which was successful, Ally caught some nice looking Perch. Dad Maclausin gave Kayak rides, while Dad Ketcham showed the kids how to skip rocks, the old fashion way.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their time together. After lunch, it was back to playing games. The kids found the Apple tree to be the most fun. There is something about knocking apples off a tree........Stan and Joe played a round of horseshoes, Stan, coming up with some good tosses to win the match. Matt kept score, so the score was correct, 21 to 19........damn!. Dave was  in persuit of some fishing buddies, wanting to take his Whaler out to catch dinner. Success!  Stan, Lynden (who is always game for some fishing), and Ally headed out to deeper waters, in hopes of landing some nice perch.

Well, it wasn't long and they were reeling them into the boat one by one. Dave caught a couple of nice (if you can call them that), Northern Pike. Those he threw back. It was getting dark, so back to camp it was, for some good eats and a campfire, along with a game of pegs, and smores. We were treated with a surprise visit from Chick, right around 8pm. The kids huddled around him, while he spoke of past adventures of his youth. Having to leave us at 9, to pick up his wife at the airport, we bid a goodnight to Christopher H. After spending the day outside playing, the group found themselves heading to the tents early on this eve. We fell peacefully asleep, while listening to the Red Sox-Yankees game, on the wind-up radio.

Sundays always come to soon, and this year's kidsweekend, was no different. Great fall weather (it rained only for an hour the whole weekend), and good company always add up to fun! It doesn't hurt to have a delicious breakfast cooked for you either! DP made everyone bacon, and pancakes, and Stan brewed-up some excellent coffee using his new drip coffee maker. It looks just like the one you use at home, except this baby sits on a coleman stove......What will they think of next? We slowly broke camp, and being it was such a beautiful day and all, the Priors, and McLausin's stayed for some more kayaking, and of course fishing! The kids were great, and it's these times, we'll remember the most. Life is simple....if you let it be. Not sure how many more years we'll be doing this, being the "kids" are growing up and we're shrinking. On to the next adventure!


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