Kids Weekend


September 16-18-05


By Webchuck

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Once again we had a small showing for our annual Kids Weekend. It's to be expected, being that most of our (Boysweekender's), kids are now teenagers. There is something nice though about having a small group instead of the usual twenty-plus. More time spent with the kids, and less with the Dad's.

Dad Prior, and son, Dad Ketcham, and son, and Dad McClausin, and daughter made their way to Grand Isle State Park in good fashion. Luckily we got set-up before the rain. It rained Friday evening/night non-stop. But that didn't dampen any of our spirits, as we all love camping, and camping in the rain means surviving with a smile.The kids kept themselves busy playing Monopoly. I had forgotten how darn long that game is, it took them 4 hrs to complete their game.

Meanwhile the Dads kept busy with chores, bike riding, (yes Stan went for a ride in the rain, and looked rather soaked on his return), conversing, (no yelling at DP this time!), and indeed a little fishing. The fishing this year was fantastic! Dave took the Kids out on his Whaler, and were reeling in Perch one by one. With enough being caught for an eat-all-you-can fish-fry cooked up by Dad Prior. Delicious. The Mercury really adds to the flavor. Luckily it didn't rain most of Saturday, so the weekend wasn't a wash-out by any means. It worked out nicely, we pretty much had the place to ourselves, and being it rained Friday, the fishing was as good as it gets. I even caught a big old Northern Pike from the shore.

Sunday felt like most years in that we really didn't want to leave the park. It takes so much just to get there, set-up, break-down camp, and load, that another day would have been welcomed, but all's well that, ends well. Another fun outing with our kids. I've got a feeling this will happen again next year, we've got a couple more years left before our "little ones" know?


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