Boys Weekend Winter 2000

March 17-19, 2000


By Tim O'Rourke

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Well, the first Boys Weekend of the new century has come, and gone. Some of us felt it would be nice to document the events, locations, and participants from year to year so this year while sitting on Bob's deck in the sunshine Sunday morning we recapped those who were with us Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night. Friday March17th (Saint Patty's Day.) This years winter Boys Weekend was again hosted by Bob Gifford at his place in Starksborro. This was the third year in a row that Joanne was willing to let 12 or more men invade her home to drink beer, tell jokes, and generally act much younger than their ages. From the very start however, it seemed that this years event took on a much kinder and gentler demeanor (no firearms, explosives or excellerants!)

Tim O'Rouke arrived first. Then Jim Paulsen was next. He brought a pre-made lasagne (by wife Sue) though his van got stuck in the driveway. It was easily unstuck however, with consultation by Bob and Shane Bowley who arrived next (Shane made a very impressive entry in his mercedes which spun sideways all the way up,but never left the drive.) Others to arrive Friday were Chick Halpin, Gary Ziemer, Roy Bishop and Jon Nealy. Mal Rich was expected as he is usually a regular Friday night particpant, but did not arrive. His presence was sorely missed by all. A special rendition of "Freebird" was sung in his honor. A special treat this year was provided by Bob's friend Jim @ bio-tek, who let us use his professional quality 8 track sound system. Input for up to 8 instruments and/or studio quality microphones turned Bobs' living room into "the place to be" at least in Starksborro.

Saturday, March 18th The main event again this year was a day of skiing at Sugarbush. Thanks again to Bob for the comp. tickets. Willy Glen arrived early and with an impressive 180 in the driveway. At the mountain we were joined by Joe Ketcham, and Dave Hagerstrom (a first timer @ boys weekend.) Though it was cold at first (about 5 degrees) by early afternoon it was in the lower 30s, no wind and sunny all day!!! Some gals in tank tops were even spotted sunning themselves in the hot sun. Back @ Bob's a stir-fry, prepared by Tim was enjoyed. David Prior (another first timer) arrived Saturday afternoon. David was chastised for beiing the first ever to be delivered by wife to boys weekend. In the wee hours, any hope of Mal or Ken Koval making an appearance was finally abandoned. On Sunday the sun again was shining brightly as one by one the boys became men and returned to their homes and families until the next boys weekend adventure.

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