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March 10-12, 2006


By Bob Gifford

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Our trip started out as usual, waiting for DP at the Taj. He was only minutes late this year so we all ended up in the parking lot at the trailhead about the same time. There was a couple inches of new snow on the ground from Thursday night so we actually broke trail to the cabin. All of the sled rigs performed well on this wet hike in. DP constructed a custom made sled from an old pair of Lynden’s XC skis, a lawn chair and a sheet rock mud bucket. The thing worked great. Now if DP would grow some new lungs he might be able to keep up.

Once we got to the cabin we found it in reasonable shape but it was a little smelly. No wives we know would sleep there. We made a fire and gathered some wood to dry out our wet gear. Shane and Bob headed for White face on skis. A great trail with a tough decent after. An awesome view from up there of Madonna and well worth the 1 mile hill climb.

Saturday dawned clear as a bell. We had full sun pretty much all day. We got up had some food and then set out for the glades. We bushwhacked across the hill to the Chilcoot hiking trail and then continued east until we hit the glades above the Beaver Meadow cabin. DP kept up on Snowshoes the whole way. We climbed up one glade to the top, which was completely new to me. The ski down was really fun and I should have done a few more runs.

We skied back down by Beaver Meadow cabin where Joe found a nice knife. We grabbed a lawn chair and headed back to Burling for some lunch. The rest of Saturday was spent gathering wood. Jon showed up around 2pm.. His sled looked funny and apparently was missing some parts left along the trail. Two 14 year old Essex boys showed up about that time. They had been in the woods since 9am . Apparently they had been lured into the woods for some awesome backwoods adventure. No map, no water, no cell phone (essex boys??) and no idea where the hell they were. Bob offered them two options, climb back up to the ski trail right now or ski down the trail to Morristown right now and call someone. They choose the ski down option and apparently made it out. Perhaps one of us should have gone with them but frankly they didn’t appear to be in bad shape and my feeling was they needed a little more adventure to get shit for. I bet the ride home in their ski boots was pretty quiet considering a parent had to suddenly drive to Morristown to retrieve them We made a big meat/chilly fest for dinner Saturday night. Almost all of it got eaten. We also played a game of Oh Hell where Jon came out on top.

Sunday dawned clear and we basically got up had coffee and left. I think it took about 35 minutes to exit this year. We saw Jon’s skis from his sled on the trail out. We also saw his hunters seat a bit further down. My sled rig worked so well on the decent I was completely free to ski. I even went in and out of the woods in several places with the sled in tow. The forked stick technique is a winner!


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