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March 9-11, 2007


By Bob Gifford

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The weekend started with Joe and Bob hitting the lot at the end of Beaver Meadow road at about 10am Friday. It was still less then 10 degrees so we hopped on our skis and started cranking to keep warm. For some reason we got suckered on to a SnoMo trail and wandered off course for a bit (see Chick it happens to experts too). IT was awesome out so it was easy to just enjoy the ski and end up somewhere else. Suddenly we found a big clearing with No Trespassing signs and turned back. We did a little lateral bushwhack and came out on the correct trail. The skin up was Ok at the start. Some snowshoe tracks made it reasonable with a heavy sled. Joe's binding cried foul at being subjected to a new plastic boot. We were just beyond the VAST trail when the Circa Bill Raub bail decided to break in half. We went over our options. Go back and get Bob’s extra skis, stay the course and Mcgiver it or wait for some skiers to pass by and steal a ski. We ended up calling DP to bring in a new set of binders for Joe's Hexels. This was about the best use of a Cell phone I have seen. The rest of the slide in was pretty normal. We found the Burling trail untracked so the last section was pretty tough. That last 200 feet up to the cabin is really hard. The cabin was found in good shape with enough fire wood to get the place warm. Shane and DP met in the parking lot and slid in on a prepped track. We had four for Friday night. The meal was awesome, Lake Perch, venison on a homemade grill, salad and boiled Potatoes. Mmmmmmmm! Beer and a little Scotch killed Bob who will shortly star in his own feature snoring film.

Saturday dawned clear about an hour after Joe got up. Joe seemed to get up and get going early this year. Still dark out, splitting wood, starting the stove, seemed to ruin the last of the dream state. We did end up getting an early start. We ate a huge breakfast and headed out. The snow was awesome and we headed for the big glades. Joe and Bob made it over but found they lost DP and Shane. The snow was great for about 2 hours when it turned to glop. DP showed up on snow shoes , we left some tracks and then headed back in a light rain. We found Shane sleeping on the pond by rock. Not sure what that was about? Suddenly Stan appeared and he headed up to try the glade. Jon showed up and we had 5 for Saturday night. The afternoon was pretty wet. IT was good to get the skiing out of the way before it started to pour. We ate again like pigs and consumed most of the beer and a little more Scotch. Stan left in the rain for the parking lot. Soon after Stan’s departure a couple SI swimsuit models stopped in for a visit.

Sunday again dawned with Joe working the stoves. We made some coffee and packed up. The slide out was pretty easy on the iced trails. DP broke his sled but figured it out. He hauled our trash out (clap clap clap! Way to go DP!). Bob and Joe had the best setups this year for the decent. Bob speaks with a forked stick in terms of sled design and Joe is now converted. The sun came out too! Jon was sporting some new T2 plastic boots.



Giant Snow pack

New Outhouse

Moderate temps

Tons of tasty snacks

Good turnout

Swim suit models visited!


Rain destroyed the wonderful snow conditions.

No Cannon

Jim and Chick didn’t show up


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