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March 13-15, 2009


By Bob Gifford

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Well as usual we seem to meet at the Richmond Park and ride at around 9am on the first day of the event. This year DP actually showed up on time. This a real change and perhaps an indication DP is getting organized. Shane, Joe, DP and I set out for Morristown in my truck on a crystal clear morning. Not a cloud anywhere. We stopped in Stowe and purchased a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition as is required by our winter Event charter. We made the parking lot at the end of Beaver Pond road a little after 10 and were likely skinning up hill by 10:30. The trail was frozen solid and it provided what must have been to easiest trek in ever. We were all at the cabin in 2 hours. DP took a crack at re-naming Broken Pole corner. He took a good crash and smacked his head pretty hard. I think he is Ok but we will have to watch him. We found the cabin clean and well stocked with firewood. That big dead tree had been cut down and all the wood was still sitting there all cut up.

Not a soul around except us on this Friday. Shane and Bob went on a ski up toward the Chilcoot ski trail. We found a very MadRiverish trail that looked to have been recently cut by Smuggs locals. Steep and featured. We found some strange ski conditions. Great for touring around but scary as it got steep. The snow pack was solid but covered with a thin crust that in places was glass like. You could bust through it but you didn’t want to drop anything or fall. We made it up under that big rock on the East wall and then decided it was high enough. We skied back down via Beaver Meadow cabin and then out on the pond. We came back to the cabin to find DP napping and Joe chopping wood, and tending the fire. Friday evening brought a great dinner and Beer! We had two guitars and broke a string on both. This called for drastic splicing. The cannon was tested a few times

Saturday dawned clear again and it looked to be another great day in the valley of the Beav. We got up ate and readied ourselves for a ski tour. DP had been masquerading as a tele skier up until this point. He had the boots and he had skis with skins. We set out over past the out house and re-traced Shane and Bob’s tracks from Friday. Then we headed East and got over to the big glade above the Beaver meadow cabin. The Glade was trackless and it shown in the sun like glass. Our skins broke though and worked well so we climbed it to the top of the ridge. We then dove into the Red spruces in search of a ski trail on Madonna. DP hung right with us and I was beginning to wonder. This type of terrain is really not skiable. Its more like pushing your self through a crowd. Very slow going and very difficult to go anywhere fast. Anyway we found a big open spot and sat for a bit in the sun. There was a great view and I am pretty sure nobody ever skied to that spot before We descended through some nasty steep thick junk and eventually found some skiable open terrain. When it opened up it was pretty nice, each turn making a spray of Ice crystals that made a lot of noise. We ended up out on the pond in the sun basking. DP amazed us by acting like a real Pin head. Jon showed up after lunch and we again ended up out on the pond lounging in the sun. Again not a soul around, amazing!

We built an outside fire Saturday night and cooked Shrimp, chicken and steak over the coals. We eat like pigs on these trips and this dinner was typical. DP produced some awesome honey mustard shrimp, which were about the best thing I have had on one of these trips. I didn’t even cook anything Saturday night. I just waited for the food to be handed out (take note Tim). Late Saturday night a group showed up lost. DP heard them and went to the rescue. He lead them over to Beaver Meadow in his slippers so that our Bastion of Old maleness would not be violated by a bunch of college party animals.

Sunday dawned again clear and it looked to be another prefect day. We ate some food and cleaned up our mess. I used the last fuses up firing the cannon. We packed our sleds and began the trek out. The pond area was almost to nice to leave. Full sun, colbalt blue ski and again just our party in the middle of it. We made our way out on what had to be one of the fastest exits. We finally ran in to a small party of snow shoers including an old EMS coworker from the 70’s (Chuck Bond). Shane and I jaw boned with them a bit and then headed down. Jon’s sled was severely over stressed on one cart wheeling crash. Apparently everything flew in all directions. He used trash bags to carry his gear and they ruptured. Will his sled design change next year???????? His sleds have been falling apart for years, so maybe this is tradition. We were all in the lot by 11 with DP only showing any external marks from his tumble. All and all a great trip with more laughter then I think is normal.


High points:

The weather was about as good as it gets

The cannon was there and used 10 times

The cabin was in good shape with the overhanging dead trees cut down. We had tons of wood and didn’t need to cut much

Big snow pack with minimal open streams to deal with.

Outdoor fire, how did we miss that in past years?

Low points:

This was a weekend for first timers and none bothered. Anyone could have just walked in and out with minimal gear.

Stan was missing from our crew.

Video made by Jon  Be sure to have the HQ feature selected

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