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March 12-14, 2010


By Bob Gifford

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Well we met at the Taj just like we always do. At 8am Friday morning  Joe and Shane met me and we took the Big Fn truck to Morristown corners. We met Stan in the parking lot and set about setting up our sled rigs. We found the snow to be wet but the trail was packed out so the drag in was pretty easy. We saw two folks coming out who looked like they had stayed at Beaver Meadow. It took about 2 hours and we were up there. We found the Cabin in pretty good shape but with almost no firewood. Stan brought in a small chain saw so in about an hour we had a ton of wood. We ate some lunch and then Bob, Shane and Stan set out for a ski. We ended up finding a pretty good glade up behind the cabin and eventually topped out on the ridge top where the Long trail was found. The snow was pretty hard to ski. In different conditions this area would be excellent. We skied back to the cabin and found Joe keeping the place warm. We had Lobster in a Can, Hot dogs, Rain deer sausage, Rice and Beans, Caesar Salad, Sweet potatoe and Beer for dinner. Mice ripped about the cabin that night. There is a healthy population up there.

Saturday dawned clear and the Sun came out.  The Weatherman was pretty wrong about the weekend. We had already enjoyed Friday with partial sun so today was a bonus in light of the gloom and doom forecast. Stan made up some Bacon and eggs and then we all set out on our traditional ski about. We headed this time for the big slide on the side of Madonna Mountain. This feature is hard to miss above the pond. It was quite a steep climb up there. A very nice spot all and all. Again in different conditions this would be a great line to ski. On this day the snow was difficult, frozen enough to support you but real easy to break through. I would call very hard to ski well snow. We traversed to some lower angle woods and skied down to Beaver Meadow cabin. This cabin never seems to change much, still looks like it did in the 70’s. We skied out across the pond and made our way back over to Burling for lunch. Shane cooked up burgers and then we settled in to enjoy the partial sunshine. Bob fixed the chair that was previously fixed by half wits with duct tape. Then Stan and Bob fought over fixing the broken shovel.

Jon and Dave showed up mid afternoon with Samson. Lucy now had competition for scraps. We dug out a fire pit by the stream and built a fire outside were we cooked all kinds of meat. Steak, Chicken, more steak and hot dogs feed the group. I never even got out my dinner food. Stan produced some Chicken noodle dish with another Cesar Salad. Home baked beans were in there too. Thanks Beth for helping Stan with the food! That peanut butter was excellent too. We lasted till about 9:30pm before everyone went to sleep. Six people and 2 dogs in the cabin for Saturday night.

Sunday dawned grey and it looked like it might rain. We packed up as we usually do and gave the cabin a good clean up. We set out across the pond and made the parking lot in about an hour. The trail was packed and fast. It just started to sprinkle while we were loading the cars. All the sled rigs worked well this year with the exception of a minor roll over in a couple places.

Great Time!

High points
Tons of food
We actually didn’t run out of beer
Lots of exercise despite the funky ski conditions
Outside fire

Low points
No SI swimsuit edition
Funky snow

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