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March 8-11


By Bob Gifford

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Well this year was another one where some of us decided to Vacation right after work on Thursday and head into the cabin in the dark. This turned into another installment of the Nit Wit Fitness program, but let me explain.

Bob and Shane met at the Taj and headed to Heady topper land (Waterbury Cannery). After provisioning up at the Cannery , Shaw’s and some Chinese Food joint in Stowe we found ourselves at the end of Beaver Meadow road in Morristown. The parking lot was muddy and it was 56 degrees. It was not raining either (Yet?) but obviously had been. We packed up and set about dragging our loads in the dark with little LED lamps. It was easy, warm and the trail was packed. You could have had a tee shirt and shorts on. We made the gate and crossed the Vast trail in good time. We began to climb and as we crested the knoll and headed for the steepest part it began to mist a little. We found a stream crossing that required a re-route. Hmmmm We said to our selves, that was a lot of water. We found another stream crossing that we could not re-route around. Hmmmm this was a Jumper and Bob got his foot wet. Slowly we made our way up and around many swollen crossings.

It began to rain with purpose as we got to the flats near the trial split. We must have crossed 6 or 7 streams and we where both soaked. Our timid approach to stream crossing was lost and we just charged across dragging our sleds at this point. The Wind had increased to a gale. We knew the stream at broken pole corner would be a ragging torrent so we headed out into the meadow hoping to cross on the pond and get to the Burling side of the stream. We did this and ended up tangled up in tight spruce trees in the dark in a blowing rain and now spitting snow too, the temperature was dropping . I was completely drenched and needed to move to keep warm. My hasty sled pack had fallen apart and my big cargo sack kept rolling out and down into the woods. It was exhausting and dangerous. The flat land next to the hill was all blue slush so we had to stay in the trees. We finally found the Blue blazed trail between Beaver Meadow and Burling. We were very close to the turn by broken pole corner.

We found the river up on the snow pack leaving us just a small way to pass next to the trees where the outhouse brook adds to the mess. We got by and cranked up the last pitch to the cabin. We got a fire going and dry clothes on. Thanks to the fokls who left some wood in the cabin. Then we drank a 6 pack of PBR pounders to celebrate being alive. The Rain had turned to snow at this point. That was silly and could have gone really bad. We were able to burn the stove all night on wood that was there.

Friday Dawned and we found 3-4 inches of new snow. We got up and ate Bfast and dug out the BBq pit. We also excavated the water access. We went for a ski to track out a trail for those coming in this morning. The water had peaked over night so Friday morning it was much more straight forward. The route in the day light without the flood was much more inviting. We went over to the Beav to see if it was occupied. IT was with two folks who did hike in in shorts the day before. They made it in the light.

We headed back to the cabin and ate some Lunch. Then we headed out to ski the hill behind the Shack. We went up a way into the Spruce trees. Some locals are cutting up there and we found a good trail to follow. We found some very fresh tracks that looked like Bob Cat. We skied down on a somewhat rotten base. Still fun and pretty steep but the bottom would drop out when you pressed hard. We found Stan, Rodger, John and Joe at the Cabin when we returned. Stan cranked up the chain saw and cut a ton of wood really fast. This is too easy really, accept for Stan. We had a beer and talked Stan into going out on skis. We re-traced our tracks and went even Higher. Then we skied back and began with the Heady Toppers. Bob fell asleep sitting up . At one point Bob awoke and found 3 candles burning with everyone else asleep.

Saturday dawned with cool temps and more new Snow. Things were looking up for skiing. The Base was solid and there was powder on top. Bob, Stan and Shane headed for the Glades past the Beav. We found them in great shape and of course no tracks. We yo-yoed 3 times and had a blast. Joe headed to the bottom to greet the next wave. He ended up meeting the group and then Hauling in DP’s sled. The Powder skiers returned and set about eating lunch. Tom and Dave Ketcham arrived with one sled. Joe arrived with DP’s sled then DP, Jon and Chick arrived. The cabin was full with 11 campers. No dogs this year. We set about building a big outside fire. DP brought Venison! Bob and Dave went for a ski to another untracked Glade. IT was another completely untracked Flat open glade. Very Fun! We drank a bunch of Beer (Jon had 3 Headys). I fell asleep again and awoke to Stan and DP messing with me. All I remember was something about shoving something up my nose to stop my gentle snoring sound. Bastards!
I again didn’t cook my food Saturday night. I just waited for left overs and was well feed. Stan fell in the brook, Serves him right for messing with a sleeping Bob.

Sunday dawned clear and warm. We got up and made coffee, ate food and started the process of finding our stuff in a box with 10 others. Slowly the cabin emptied into the sleds outside. Eventually it was back to near where we found it. We left a good pile of wood for the next Nit wits who might need shelter from a storm.
Bob and Shane took off first, it was perhaps the quickest drag yet. IT took about an hour with no roll overs. I was home by 1 pm and in bed by 9pm all happy I might add.


DP Made it!
Two boxes of Wine?
11 Campers and new record!
Good snow!
Heady Toppers
Chick came back !
4 Winter Event Newbies! (John, Rodger, Tom and Dave)
Big Fat skis are Better!
Gotta love the Chain saw!
Shane’s Full Sized Classic Yamaha Guitar! It survived the Flood
Jon drinking 3 Headys in a row, too funny

Low Points

Lucy still is not talking to me
Wet entrance Thursday.

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