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March 8-10


By Bob Gifford

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We all ended up meeting at the Trail Head about 9am Friday morning. Joe, Dave, Stan, John, Shane and Bob left around 10am dragging sleds on a hard packed trail. The sky was Blue and the sun was out, excellent conditions for pulling loads. We made the cabin in around 2 hours and found it in its usual state. People are taking care of this cabin so it’s generally clean and there seems to always be wood waiting to start a fire. We spent a good hour dicing up 3 pine trees so that our wood was all in and done with. Four of us headed to the Glades above Beaver meadow for a run. The glade was trackless and in excellent condition. We headed back to the cabin for the evening festivities. We had the usual backyard fire for cooking and standing around. Grilled Meat is always a staple and it looks like Heady Toppers are too. Caesar Salad also seems to always be there with lots of garlic and anchovies. The Cannon was fired and fireworks were launched. We had two guitars so there was rhythmic noise at times.

Saturday dawned clear and it looked to be another excellent day in paradise. We headed back to the glades for several runs in the morning, we did several routes in mostly untracked terrain. It was probably the best snow in Vermont. Deep soft and a little set up. We headed back to Burling for lunch. Beer began flowing again. Bob and Shane headed over toward White rocks in the afternoon to see if they could get up there. They ended up traversing out of a Spruce Hell only to run in to Stan coming down from a run behind the cabin. Another outdoor fire for Saturday night was started. Jon showed up around 3pm to join the party. We drank all the beer again and had many laughs. We sledded down the stream gully. We fought a bit with Bob cutting his fingers on the side of the cabin after Stan attacked him. Jon went outside before bed and left body prints in the snow. IT was really slippery out there. The cannon was fired and John produced a hand gun which we shot. Stan shot a bunch more fireworks and at some point we all stopped moving.

Sunday dawned clear again. The weather was perfect again. We packed up and sorted our junk. Jon left first with Bob and Shane following around 10am. The conditions were fast and Bob quickly realized the big heavy sled was a liability. At one point the sled passed by and dragged Bob backwards into a sucker hole. After that a sled brake was applied and that made it safe to continue.

Not sure what happened to our other 4 campers on the exit. I assume they all arrived safely at the base.

High Points

Excellent weather

Not too many visitors

Excellent food and Beer

Fireworks and cannon blasts

Great Snow Pack

Low Points

Small turn out, only 7


No White Rocks summit


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