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March 6-8


By Bob Gifford

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Another trip, man we are getting old. Ok this trip starts for me at about 8am on Friday march 6th when Tom showed up . He was coming from Rutland and I had some skis he wanted to use. We set out and headed for Morristown. The parking lot had one car in it and several missing. A little fresh snow with tracks from early risers. We got our shit together and Joe showed up. We waited and then set out on a packed track. This was an easy pull perhaps the easiest ever. DP could have done it but he was in the hospital and we were sad. I learned this while we were pulling. We made the cabin pretty quick. Joe didn't like my upper route (he said he likes to ski across the pond). It was the classic line ending at broken pole corner. I found it to be easy. No problem. We got to the cabin and found Colin and Jack from last year. They were heavily armed. Ar15, 7 shot pump shot gun and 4 hand guns. It was weird on the final pull up to the cabin the trail had big divots. They had those Teninite shoot to explode things the night before. They ripped the trail up. We moved in. Colin and Jack were finishing up a 3 day trip. They were leaving after they cooked breakfast and ate dinner and drank 30 beers. Stan and I went to the classic ski lines over past Beaver Meadow, Tom and Joe skied a run in the glades behind the cabin. We found it trackless. Super conditions. We ripped a run and headed back. The cabin was warm with the new stove. This is an old story and I am not going to tell it again. It was warm in there and the stove was great. We had two chain saws and the wood was easy. I crashed early because Jack and Colin where still there, they didnt leave until 11:30pm. They were drunk and went down the trail dragging all their guns.

Saturday AM we got up and ate bacon, coffee and some other food. Then we all headed out. We went over and did a couple runs on the classic line. Stan and I headed back for lunch, while Joe and Tom skied a couple more runs. Julie showed up alone about that time. A bit later a bunch of folks showed up and we headed out. There was a teacher from Plattsburg, a doctor and more. We went over and showed them the classic line. We did that for a bit and then most people left. Stan, Julie and I went over to the hidden line that nobody knows about. It was trackless. We did it and it was good. I headed back and Stan and Julie did two more runs. Back at the cabin we drank beer and ate food.

Sunday dawned with a little snow. We got up and ate a big breakfast. Then we packed up and dragged our sleds to the pond. It was sunny and warm so we decided to climb the classic once more and just leave our stuff on the pond. Tom Stan and I climbed up and when we got to the top Tom descended the normal way. Stan and I went sideways and found the hidden line. We got another run in there and all ended up on the pond. The drag out was easy. I saw Reed Hanson climbing up on snow shoes??? I was home by 3pm and I was happy. Perhaps the best snow we have seen up there. The stairs were gone at the cabin. Probably 4 feet on the ground all the streams were covered with no open water really. A small group but that was fine. I made a chicken and beef meal with bacon Saturday. Stan made eggs ans hamburgers. We had two full size guitars. We got to shoot guns Friday and Bob cut his finger shooting a 40 caliber hand gun. Super fun this year.

The good

Easy firewood
Great snow
Enough people, some interesting ones.
Nice new stove

The Bad
We didn't stay 5 days
IT only lasted 3 days
We drank all the beer

Julie left us some windshield wiper beer. Nobody took it so when we got back to the cars we had refreshment.

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