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March 11-13

Summary and Pics

By Bob Gifford

Friday Bob and Shane met at the Taj and car pooled up. We headed to Morristown and saw Stan on the way. An Accident blocked RT100 at the Moscow turn so we got stuck in a line of cars. Stan went back and around, we eventually did too. We spent about an hour figuring that out. We got the the lot at the end of BM road arounf 10:30am and Stan was already packed and waiting. We assembled our shit and headed out on snow. This was my forth trip in a row up there and the snow pack had really taken a hit. The road was little more then a blue ice sheet. My 100 pound sled (cannon) actually went pretty well in the beginning. We made the gate and continued. We had a snow pack up past the VAST trail and a little bit further. Then the fun started. We began to encounter open streams. Not one or two but more like 15 or 16. At first it was de-ski and haul the sled across for me. It soon degraded to just cross the stream and drag the sled across with skis on (poor skins). I left little blue paint on 100's of rocks. I texted some others who were thinking about coming and told them not too. It was not an easy pull. We got to the last 1/2 mile on the old trail and there were sections of open dirt. At one point I tried to go around a blow down and got hopelessly stuck. Shane had to help me recover the trail since my sled was too heavy for me to pull out with out unpacking it. Stan was long gone and already had a fire going at Burling. He beat us by an hour at least. We found the cabin in good shape. The weather was awesome but the snow was suffering. We settled in and cut all our wood in an hour. We made a big fire in the excellent out door fire pit. Cooked steak with Shane which we will not talk about. I did retain my dental work. Tough, no.... tire like.

Saturday dawned clear we rose ate shat and headed out on skis. We went over to the beave and then on to the classic glades. The snow was still frozen so we could actually ski. Shane disappeared for a Cell signal and Stan and I went sideways to the left to explore. We found a huge new area of open glade, to the east on the same ridge we usually ski. We climbed up it in full sun and topped out on the ridge. We got a run on corn snow with no falls and headed back to camp doing a high traverse. We pretty much were able to ski all the way back to the cabin. We hung out and ate drank some headys and shot about 50 rounds with my 44 mag pistol. Very loud but we had safety glasses and ear protection. Cooked on the fire again for dinner outside. I did the steaks this time and you didn't need a bowie knife to cut it.

Sunday we had to ski out. We knew it was going to suck. My long sled was best suited for the road so that's what I did. I basically just dragged it with no skis on from Broken Pole Corner for about a third of a mile till the snow started. Then I walked back and got my skis. Stan and Shane were able to manuver through the trees along the pond and be on snow the whole way from the stream. Broken pole corner was a 30 foot wide stream so we had to de ski. Stan didn't, he just dragged his sled across with skis, like it didnt matter. It took a while to get down, we all were just dragging the sleds across open sections. We all got down and nobody even fell down. Clearly the hardest sledding I have seen on this trip. IT cant ever be worse in my opinion.

The good The weather was stellar The cabin was in good repair Firewood was plentiful Food was excellent

The Bad The snow sucked, one run! There were only three of us  We fired the cannon once

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